Monday, July 21, 2014

Top Three Reasons to Visit Margaret River

Already been to the Sydney Opera House? Visited the State Parliament House in Melbourne? Or seen the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns?
Luckily for you, Australia has many more must-see destinations to offer. Case in point: West Australia’s Margaret River, a seemingly quaint town which promises many great activities for tourists to enjoy. What are the top three things you should do on your visit?
Wine Tours
Australia is fast becoming a powerhouse in the wine-making industry, thanks in large part to Margaret River’s famed wineries. As the leading wine region in the country, the area produces many world-class vintages, from sparkling whites to brooding reds, along with other beverages like liqueurs and ciders. A wine tour of the many vineyards in Margaret River will surely be a wine enthusiast’s dream come true.

Catch the Waves
There’s a reason why the surf film Drift was shot in Margaret River—it boasts some of the best beaches and waves in all of Australia. In fact, the area also hosts many prestigious surfing competitions, like the Margaret River Pro. If you want to practice your hang fives, this is the place to go.

Cave Excursions
Did you know that honeymooners once camped inside the Ngilgi Cave? Such is the beauty of this cavern that even today, tourists from all other country—and around the world—book excursions into it.

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