Friday, August 28, 2015

Touring Margaret River Wineries: What Factors Affect Wine’s Taste?

Whether you are taking a tour of Margaret River wineries for the first time or planning your umpteenth visit, it pays to truly understand wines and know how to taste them like an expert. Tasting, however, is not exactly the same as drinking wine; this delicate task requires you to pay attention to your senses to better appreciate wine’s fine qualities. Plenty of factors in the environment also affect how wine tastes. According to master sommelier Tim Gaiser, the sense of smell and taste is different in every individual, and so is the tolerance for wine ingredients. For instance, one person may find the wine’s acidity overpowering, another might notice its tannins and still another consider the sulphur dioxide content too strong.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Margaret River Winery Restaurants: Tips for a Great Trip with Kids

Do you yearn to visit Margaret River and enjoy the finest wines, not to mention local gourmet delicacies, but fear that bringing your little ones along might not be such a good idea? The good news is that Margaret River, Perth’s renowned wine region, isn’t just a place for wine lovers; it’s also a great destination for families. With its swimming beaches, wonderful attractions, adventure activities and family-friendly businesses that offer various ways to keep kids entertained, Margaret River is the perfect place to spend your well-deserved break. Here are some tips for a fun and memorable experience in the wine region with your kids: Complement winery tours with kiddie outdoor activities Children get easily bored by the things adults appreciate. Rather than tour your chosen winery all day, spend the first half of the day outdoors with your family.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wine Tours in Margaret River: Top Tips for the Eager Wine Adventurer

Many people dream of travelling from continent to continent in search of the finest wines. France and Italy may be at the top of most lists, but Australia has its own hidden treasures waiting to be discovered by serious wine adventurers. Western Australia’s Margaret River, in particular, is a treasure trove for wine connoisseurs. The region’s rich wine culture started in the nineteenth-century and has since gained quite a following due to the distinct character and quality produced here. Wine tours in this region can give you the opportunity to find anything from classic Sauvignon Blanc to the more festive sparkling wines. Soak Up the Scenery Contrary to popular belief, wine tours are not just all about the booze. Before you reach for a glass of wine, stop for a moment and take in the wonderful views around you.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Margaret River Wineries: Sparkling Wines that are Perfect with Cheese

Sparkling wines have always been associated with joyous occasions for their festive taste. These wines also pair well with certain types of cheeses, particularly those a bit on the salty side. Here are some excellent suggestions from Margaret River wineries like The Berry Farm. Triple Crème Rich cheeses high in butterfat enhance the acidity of champagne, giving you a fuller taste as you enjoy each bite of cheese. Saint-Andre, a triple crème cheese made from cow’s milk in France, has a smooth and buttery taste that matches a wide range of sparkling wines. Another type of triple crème cheese favourite is Brilliat-Savarin, which was prominent in Normandy in the 18th century. Fruit-flavoured sparkling wines go best with high-fat cheeses like these.