Saturday, June 7, 2014

Tips for Cooking with Wine

When conversation touches on the topic of wine and food, most people start thinking about wine as a beverage that adds a touch of class to any meal. However, that is not the only role this drink can play.

True foodies know that wine can be used to prepare several dishes, particularly those in French cuisine. If you’re interested in using wine for cooking, here are a few simple tips you can try:


Are you planning to grill a few lamb chops this weekend? For a different twist on your barbecue, why not try soaking the meat in a wine marinade instead? The acidic content of wine helps lock in the lamb’s natural juices, keeping the meat moist when dinner time comes along. You can use this trick for marinating other types of meat as well.


Frying food in oil and butter substantially increases the amount of fat in the dish. You can achieve a fried taste while minimizing fat by substituting cooking oil with a mixture of wine and a very small amount of butter, and then sauté the meat.

Apart from reducing fat, the flavour of the wine is also absorbed, so choosing a fruity wine is best. This technique works great with fish.

One last piece of advice: only use wine that you would drink. Remember that the wine you use will flavour your dish, so don’t use a flavour you do not enjoy.

Happy eating!

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