Monday, July 28, 2014

Pairing Wine with Food: Considerations

Good food and good wine don’t always automatically result in a good dining experience for many restaurant-goers. Taken independently, one can appreciate the ingenuity of the chef and the brilliance of the vintner. Together in one serving, however, it could lead to a rather disappointing meal if food and drink are not paired right.

Here are some basic considerations for the pairing process:

  1. Open mind. Read articles and guides that provide information on which wine suits a particular food best. Try them and understand for yourself why those pairs work well together.
  2. Assessment of wine and food components. Wine flavors are derived from specific components: sugar, acid, fruit, tannin and alcohol. Food also contains flavour components, such as fat, acid, salt, sugar, and bitter. Know which components are present in the wine and food you want to sample.
  3. Pair those that complement and contrast. After knowing the components that make up the wine and food, pair them according to which of their elements complement or contrast with each other. Sometimes, richness and texture also give hints as to which pairing will prove to be more successful.

While wine and food pairing can be challenging, diners can actually call on a restaurant attendant to give suggestions on which of their dishes and liquor offerings go well with each other. People can rely on these knowledgeable professionals instead as they are still learning to make pairings themselves.

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