Saturday, July 26, 2014

Decide On The Best Lunch in Margaret River By Going On Food Tour!

Visit any Margaret River winery or restaurants in Western Australia and you’ll see first-hand how the region has the gastronomic chops to declare itself a foodie’s haven. With delightful menus created out of the freshest bounty from its coastline to delicious truffles in Manjimup, touring foodies will hardly be disappointed with the cast of wholesome and succulent dishes in WA to please every palate. Food tours in the region offer a whole range of enjoyable events any gourmet could appreciate. Decide who makes the best lunch in Margaret River by checking out the restaurants in the area. A good example is The Berry Farm, a winery and café that features enticing treats, such as the Moroccan Chicken and Scotch Fillet Steak Sandwich. Take home some of their special farm-sourced gourmet fruit jams, dressings, and preserves, as well as their sparkling wines, ciders, and liqueurs.

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