Monday, April 6, 2015

Margaret River Wineries: The Challenge of Pairing Wine with Seafood

Once you have learned the basic tenets, wine and food pairing is practically elementary. Some dishes, however, can pose a bit of a challenge to any aspiring wine connoisseur. Finding the perfect wine for seafood at the best wineries in Margaret River is a tricky but entirely doable task. Unlike beef, pork, and chicken, seafood tends to possess a more subtle taste. Fish, lobster, and shrimp, for instance, usually do not overwhelm one’s palate, which is why they call for milder and more delicate-tasting wines. As a rule of thumb, red wine is paired with red meat, while white wine is paired with white meat. Red wine’s robust and intense flavours may overpower seafood, making white wine the go-to choice.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Take a Self-Drive Trip: Explore Margaret River Winery Restaurants

Western Australia, the largest and most diverse state Down Under, is full of attractions and activities that any visitor can surely appreciate. All of the state’s five regions are blessed with natural resources and thriving enterprises, which account for its reputation as an ideal vacation destination. Margaret River, one of Western Australia’s more famous areas, is renowned for its wineries and seaside beaches, which make it a great choice for outdoorsy folks and luxury aficionados alike. Manoeuvring around Margaret River is a breeze as the sprawling highways and roads are pristine and fairly easy to navigate. Since there is rarely any traffic in the countryside, driving a car may just be the best mode of transportation available. Scenic landscapes also create a wonderful and relaxing sight, making every mile of the journey worth the drive.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Discover Fine Wine and Cheese at the Best Winery in Margaret River

Wine was made to be paired with something, from bite-sized appetisers to medium-rare steaks. Pairing wine with the correct type of cheese, in particular, makes for a truly delectable gourmet experience. Take these tips to heart, and you'll be able to make the most out of your trip to the best winery in Margaret River. Ruth Tobias of The Week groups cheeses into five categories. Soft Cheese Soft cheeses like feta, ricotta salata, and burrata are mostly used as spreads, so expect to find any or all of these at your next wine-and-cheese party. Due to their milky textures, soft cheeses go well with light-bodied sparkling wines with citrus or floral notes.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Margaret River Wineries Make Fine Wines That Last as Long as Possible

You’ve probably heard it said that wine can only get better with age. Will this saying still hold true, though, if the wine is 150 years old? That is what a few wine connoisseurs set out to discover at a food festival held in South Carolina, U.S. According to reports, the wine experts held an historic uncorking of a bottle of wine recovered in 2011 from an 1864 wreck found off the Bermuda coast. Some of these connoisseurs claimed to have tasted and enjoyed shipwreck wines in the past. Apparently, this wine wasn't one of them.