Monday, April 6, 2015

Margaret River Wineries: The Challenge of Pairing Wine with Seafood

Once you have learned the basic tenets, wine and food pairing is practically elementary. Some dishes, however, can pose a bit of a challenge to any aspiring wine connoisseur. Finding the perfect wine for seafood at the best wineries in Margaret River is a tricky but entirely doable task. Unlike beef, pork, and chicken, seafood tends to possess a more subtle taste. Fish, lobster, and shrimp, for instance, usually do not overwhelm one’s palate, which is why they call for milder and more delicate-tasting wines. As a rule of thumb, red wine is paired with red meat, while white wine is paired with white meat. Red wine’s robust and intense flavours may overpower seafood, making white wine the go-to choice.

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