Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Margaret River Wineries: Sparkling Wines that are Perfect with Cheese

Sparkling wines have always been associated with joyous occasions for their festive taste. These wines also pair well with certain types of cheeses, particularly those a bit on the salty side. Here are some excellent suggestions from Margaret River wineries like The Berry Farm. Triple Crème Rich cheeses high in butterfat enhance the acidity of champagne, giving you a fuller taste as you enjoy each bite of cheese. Saint-Andre, a triple crème cheese made from cow’s milk in France, has a smooth and buttery taste that matches a wide range of sparkling wines. Another type of triple crème cheese favourite is Brilliat-Savarin, which was prominent in Normandy in the 18th century. Fruit-flavoured sparkling wines go best with high-fat cheeses like these.

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