Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Agritourism in Australia: Visit Local Wineries for Your Next Holiday

Agritourism, or Farm Tourism as it is more commonly known in Australia is a growing trend. With the increased interest in food in recent years, and particularly artisanal and regional foods, getting to the heart of produce and its production, farm visits are the next obvious step to shopping at the farmer's market. Agritourism ranges from simple farm stalls selling excess produce to home stay holidays which offer a unique insight into the life of an Australian farm. Agritourism is getting up close and personal with Australia's food production and through it getting a better appreciation of what's on your plate. The movement isn't exclusive to farms either. Wineries too are very much included and involved in this tourist sector. You only have to look at a Margaret River wineries map to see an example of how widespread and popular this leisure activity has become.

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