Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Chocolate Also Goes Well as a Liqueur Flavour

When visiting wineries in Margaret River, you may want to pick up something other than whites, reds, fortified, or sparkling wines. Some of them sell exotic flavours like chocolate liqueur, which is a popular ingredient for making party cocktails.

Chocolate liqueur isn’t exactly a liquefied version of your favourite sweet treat with an added a dose of alcohol into the mix, although some brands actually taste sweet and syrupy. Chocolate liqueurs are directly derived from cacao beans, which are actually bitter, then mixed with sugar, vanilla, and herbs. In fact, white chocolate liqueurs have a similar taste and texture to vodka, which makes them an excellent ingredient for certain mixes like Black Russians or Chocolate Martinis. Dark chocolate liqueurs aren’t any different in terms of taste, but they do have caramel content that makes them heavier and foggy.

You may confuse chocolate liqueur with chocolate liquor, which are actually two different things. Not only are they differently spelled, they are also differently used. The best distinction you can give them is that chocolate liquor is made from cocoa paste, not cacao beans, and have no alcohol content whatsoever. Chocolate liquor is also very sweet, since it is made by the same makers of your favourite candy. 

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